What is a panda account/wallet address?

Panda account/wallet address is the unique wallet identifier of your Pandabank app. Transactions are sent between account or wallet addresses. The account address needs to be filled in correctly by every purchase of digital Pandacoin.

What happens if I filled in a wrong panda account/wallet address?

A wrong specification of the panda account address during your purchase can end up in lost coins during transaction. Always make you fill in the correct address, if you have any doubts please contact us trough contact page.

I did not receive my coins, what should I do?

PC / macOS:

Make sure that your Pandabank software wallet has been synchronized completely. Synchronizing a new wallet usually only takes a couple of hours for a full synchronization of the blockchain, but you do have to let the wallet run until it does catch up completely. Your PandaBank / wallet should automatically connect to the Pandacoin network and synchronize itself to the Pandacoin Blockchain and show a green check mark on the bottom right corner indicating a complete synch up to see the balance appear in your wallet and be spendable.

Android wallet:

If you are using the Android wallet, you have to add a new node. You can do this as follow:

burger menu > settings > trusted peer
IP or hostname; either should be fine
For example: li723-210.members.linode.com is a working node at the moment.  Once added you can check if synch is started in settings > Network Monitor.
The first sync of the block chain will take some time. Be patient.
Check the active Pandacoin nodes here for others to try https://chainz.cryptoid.info/pnd/#!network